Asheville, North Carolina

Community and Connection Retreat

The Asheville Community and Connection Retreat
May 26 – 28 2023, $1,100

Come explore, dig deep into your own healing in the beautiful mountains of Asheville, North Carolina

Join me for a ceremonial weekend that is steeped in deep spiritual work with heart medicine and teacher medicine. Dive deep into your own consciousness and be able to explore the healing properties of these sacred medicines in a safe and supportive environment amongst a loving community of fellow travellers.

The focus of the retreat is on personal growth, self-discovery, and spiritual awakening while being held in the sacred container of community. Community and connection is the theme for our time together, as I believe this is where the deepest alchemy happens.

Participants are encouraged to connect with themselves and with their fellow journeyers, while also being invited to tap into the natural world to release negative emotions, beliefs and tap into the power of healing. While medicine retreats can be intense and challenging, they offer a powerful opportunity for transformation and healing.

This retreat includes a preparation session where I help you to get clear on your intentions for this work. Along with the ceremony, an integration session is part of the package to help you find themes around your experience and to help you activate your new way of being in the world.

Beginners to advanced are welcome!

  • Better attune to your needs and desires as you connect to yourself and community
  • Create deeper, longer lasting, more trusting relationships
  • Feel more grounded, centred and living on purpose
  • Expand your ability to connect to and heal the heart while grounding in the body

Myself and Sky Temple would like to invite you to dive deep into the healing web of connection atop the Blue Ridge mountain overlooking the French Broad River Valley. Sky Temple offers a sacred Sunwheel, marking the cardinal directions where we will do most of our work, as it gently offers direction into your deepest healing. 

This experience is an inward journey, with the support of myself and 2 other experienced guides assisting with the opportunity to connect with other travellers on the descent and snack time afterwards.

What You Get

2 Retreats with sacrament, 2 night stay in Sky Temple accommodations, Healthy Organic Meals, Amazing Community
  • 2 Group retreats with work from my lineage
  • Guided outdoor adventure of play and learning while in the magic the Blue Ridge Mountains based on the theme of Community and Connection
  • Beautiful community of fellow travellers to hold you
  • Energy work techniques to harness and build your own energy
  • Guided explorations of your inner world
  • Movement and meditation
  • Organic meals / food and great community
  • Integration sessions and homework to keep your journeys alive

Day 1

Arrive between 2 – 2:30PM, get settled, we’ll then be creating our container, one group exercise, first retreat begins around 4:30PM

Day 2

Movement practice, guided meditation, breakfast, heart shares, outdoor exploration, second retreat evening 

Day 3

Movement practice, guided meditation, breakfast, heart shares and integration circle, end by 12 noon

Reserve your spot now! Limited to 10 participants. Call or email for more information.

Please call, text or email if you want to explore the idea —
I”m here to support you on your journey!


In health and happiness!