Mount Shasta

Let’s create change, together!

The Mount Shasta Retreat September 16 – 20, 2021
Early bird $3,000, after August 15, $3,500 

With all the changes on the planet, we have such a beautiful opportunity in this moment to deepen our resolve for fearless change, open to opportunity and co-create new ways of being and walking on planet earth….together.

Let’s create change, together! 

Beginners to advanced are welcome!

  • Explore and get clear on your big picture purpose and passion
  • Create deeper, longer lasting, more trusting relationships
  • Connect with a loving community who has your best interest in mind
  • Feel more grounded, centered and less depleted, so that you can do your best transformational work
  • Build your capacity to work with greater ease and confidence
Mount Shasta

We will take a heart- centered, mindful approach to understanding, learning, harnessing and implementing the energies of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realms. We’ll learn foundational techniques and methodologies you’ll have for a lifetime.

How we practice, understand and become aware of our own internal energies helps us, help others. Keeping our energetic boundaries fresh, clear and strong, while tapping into the boundless energies that surround us, will not only support your clients but also help you build a fulfilling practice.

This makes me so happy! We’re all so hungry for connection, and this retreat is our chance to unite and deepen our connections with ourselves and each other at a very special and powerful place, Mount Shasta.

Become part of a loving community that will feel like coming home!!

Throughout the retreat, we’ll have a chance to do our own individual work, community work, and cosmic work through sacred medicines, breathwork, meditation, fun exercises, hiking, playing in rivers and lakes, healthy & delicious organic food.

You’ll connect with like-minded people who are all on a similar journey.

You’ll find support, feel uplifted, and maybe even make some lifelong friends!

Feeling inspired? Join us!

Here’s how the Mount Shasta Retreat works:

  • Retreat goes from September 16th 4PM – noon on Monday, September 20.
  • Every day we’ll have a group outing to sacred sites to explore, hike and participate in powerful meditative exercises that will allow you to explore your inner terrain. You don’t have to figure anything out — just let me be your guide!
  • We’ll have 2 evenings of medicine – light to start, the following evening to deepen, and a third day for integration.
  • Deepen your awareness by doing personal experiments around this retreat’s theme – As within ~ So without.

Early bird cost, sign up by August 15th $3,000, after $3,500. The retreat is all inclusive: “lodging, food, outings, medicine evenings, etc.”

– SO HUM –
As within, So without
How is what’s inside me, being reflected outside me?!
Let’s explore and transform to allow ourselves more freedom!!

The Mount Shasta Retreat -

  • This Mount Shasta adventure will support your innate ability to access new dimensions of energy, build a stronger more resilient mind and body, hear and answer your purpose, passion and vision, and form stronger allies and communities.

Who is this for?

  • What is your calling now, as you open to the changes around you? What might your deeper purpose be, and how might you take the leap to honor that more fully? Whether you are an entrepreneur, a creative, a parent, a searcher — this moment is an opportunity to expand your connection to purpose and your impact as the world renews and recovers. That some part of you is being called to open to all the change on the planet and take the leap into your deeper purpose.

  • Call in new experiences, work opportunities, friends, communities, lovers while opening to the practices we’ll provide for you to explore and open to your purpose, passion and big picture vision for your life.

Reserve your spot now! Limited to 10 participants. Call or email for more information.

Please call, text or email if you want to explore the idea —
I”m here to support you on your journey!


In health and happiness!

PS: Carpool rides available from San Francisco.