Tulum, Mexico

Expand, Transform, Heal, Play, and Explore

This is an exclusive invite for a small group of you for a retreat in Tulum, Mexico where we will expand, transform, heal, play, explore, and continue to pursue our purpose.

And what a beautiful place to do it!! Check out the links below:

This retreat we’ll explore the topic of NEW EARTH.

As it relates to my purpose – I open myself to the Universe and ask the question:

How am I participating in creating New Earth?!

Surrendering the ego so we can truly see what wants to come through us is a practice. We open past what we think we know, what has worked in the past, where we think we are supposed to be going or doing, in favour of something bigger that aligns with our soul purpose, NOW. 

It’s a practice of faith and trust. 

It’s challenging ourselves to go beyond what we have previously known, to step into our purpose and create coherence and alignment from that place. 

Tulum. Mexico

What we'll do:

  • Explore and experience the beautiful landscapes, beaches, and culture of Tulum
  • Go an an adventure to see the pyramids of Tulum – LEARN MORE
  • Go on an adventure outing to see the cenotes of Tulum – LEARN MORE
  • Explore ancient Mayan ruins – and absorb some of the energy and wisdom of these soulful people – LEARN MORE
  • Breathwork and light medicine( Friday)
  • One night journey (Saturday)
  • Learning and growing around the topic of New Earth infused throughout – community, spirituality and creating new earth
  • Explore your inner landscape

Arrive at 3PM Thursday. We’ll get settled, and then head out to the beach, balmy winds and warm waters. Plan on closing around 6PM Sunday, then open forum / play time til 12pm Monday.

What's Included?

  • 4 nights in Airbnb accommodations
  • 2 meals / day + snacks
  • 1 Group retreat with work from our lineage / Saturday
  • 1 Group breathwork + light medicine / Friday
  • Hands on experiential exercises and group work
  • Guided outdoor adventures to incorporate play and learning in magical Tulum
  • Energy work techniques to manage and build your own energy
  • Guided explorations of your inner world
  • Learning to work with the body in new and powerful ways.
  • Amazing co-travelers

All-inclusive cost is - $3500

(airfare not included)

Join me as we come together again as one heart in Tulum, MX August 25 – 29, 2022 to emerge stronger, more loving, and more aligned with your purpose, passion, and path to success.