“I began working with Shane in November 2019 and have worked with him consistently since. I had been working in his realm of healing but in group settings and I was called to work with a guide for some solo personal work. Shane came highly recommended by a friend who is studying to become a guide themselves.

Shane has a level of expertise and brilliance that is beyond what the average guide can offer – spirit runs through him, he sees and feels what others don’t have the senses for. His diverse background helps him to provide just the right guidance, in the right way, at the right time. There have been so many times when I have needed “something”, not knowing what that was and Shane had the perfect “gift” for me in that moment to continue – whether it be a spirit guide, spirit animal, flower essence, chosen words, music, a crystal, a goddess or some other essential offering . . . Shane has something “in his carpet bag of magic” for every moment. Time and time again, I am impressed with what he has to share with me and other dear friends that he also guides.

I can’t imagine doing this deep healing work with anyone else – mind, body, spirit and emotional alignment. My healing, learning and growing has by far exceeded where I would have imagined I would be. Life with Shane in it is just that much more beautiful – he guides me to come back home to a more grounded, open, aware, present, powerful and conscious me.

There are so many good things to say about Shane and to sum it up, I would say that Shane is Pure Magic.”

Laura Schneider
Laura Schneider

With a history of severe trauma and resultant complex PTSD, Shane has helped me work through the layers of stuck patterning in every aspect of my being. Instead of just rehab on my hip that I had originally sought help for, Shane helped me take a long look at my whole life. I was able to uncover the root cause of dis-ease in my whole body. He skillfully guided me into seeing the imbalances in my beliefs, thoughts and choices that were creating the patterns that kept me in pain and discomfort.

Shanes work is beyond holistic. He is truly gifted at bringing the entire scope of the mind-body-spirit into alignment. His work with me has encompassed the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realms to bring balance and synchronicity into all areas of my life.

Two years later, I am living a fabulous life I never dreamed possible. I am now free from the heaviness of depression and I’ve come into alignment with my purpose. I am creating and maintaining healthy relationships with my family and friends in a way I never even knew was possible, genuinely loving and appreciating myself and becoming comfortable in my own skin while traversing the ups and downs of life with skillful ease!

Karen Elliott
Karen Elliott

“I have been working with Shane for close to two years and have seen a remarkable transformation in myself — greater self-acceptance, a stronger, healthier body, more openness and connection to my own inner wisdom. He has helped me connect all aspects of my being to each other, and probably the biggest piece of that for me has been an increased awareness of and respect for my body, not just from the standpoint of fitness and nutrition, but energetically and emotionally. As a healer, Shane brings a combination of innate gifts and extensive training, which, when combined with the more tangible aspects of western and eastern approaches, provide an integrative approach to healing.”

Shane Young Testimonial: Jennifer DeRuff
Jennifer DeRuff

“If you want a true guide for your spiritual path, emotional wellness, or medicine journey, look no further than Shane Young. He has many-dimensional tools at his disposal to create a solid container and plan for your transformation. You will always feel like someone has your back like a big energetic bear hug. If you are ready to embody your true potential and be free from limiting beliefs, you can trust Shane to expertly point out any blind spots and support you with clarity in your next steps. I have worked with many teachers, healers, and therapists. Shane is the real deal and a true alchemist!”

Quinn Fitzpatrick

Shane’s deep understanding and commitment to the healing journey is extraordinary. It’s been a pleasure and an honor to work with him on the tantric path, and to learn the power of plant medicine and the shamanic realm from him. His compassion, care, integrity, and nurturing strength are traits that have me trust his guidance and ability to hold space for the powerful work he does. 

David Salih