Apple Tree

1 PM – 5Pm Saturday, October 15th, 2022

Hello all,

The temple of Kali would like to invite you to a very special ceremonial day, the planting of the apple tree. The planting of the tree symbolizes the beginning of a voyage of community and service. With much bravery and vigor our stewardess of the land, Sharon made her sojourn from Charleston, South Carolina and with a big leap of faith has become the stewardess of the land for us all to share, commune, heal, transform, PLAY! And grow.

There has been much ado with repairs, clearing, cleaning, listening and opening…. more repairs, more cleaning and replacing a roof to boot! Kaili has blew the roof right off the house! We are at a place of (baby steps?) invitation… There is still much listening and hearing what the land wants from us, who would like to be included in this project and what specific intentions would like to be set.

Apple Tree


  • Who – Those interested and / or curious about the emergent medicine community coalescing here. Those desiring to serve and / or come for healing
  • What – Please join us for a light Medicine ceremony and the planting of the apple tree.
  • When – 1 PM  – 5Pm Saturday, October 15th.
  • Where – 305 Garren Creek Road, Fairview, NC
  • Why – Community and bringing your own desires for healing to the land and tree. Help support the emergent intentions for this community, within the larger community.

What to bring:

  • Layered clothing depending on the weather
  • Gardening gloves and gardening clothes
  • Aground mat to lie on
  • Open heart for ingesting sacrament
  • Water bottle
  • Hat and jacket

We will provide the apple tree :-), light book 2 sacrament, snacks and drinks for after the ceremony and good company!

Plan on a total of four hours.

Email or text for details –

Please RSVP!