The Fall Ceremony

3PM October 22 - 11AM October 23, 2022

Happy October everyone, 

The season is changing and we are, too. Fall is officially upon us as the weather is getting colder, the leaves are starting to turn and our attention is turning inward.

As the leaves are shifting from their bright green to oranges and yellows, what a wonderful time to stop and reflect as well as come together to commune and share, heal and grow.

Autumn is the metal element in Chinese medicine, the emotion that goes with it is grief, the meridians it supports is lung and large intestine. How can we breathe deeply into the current changes and support ourselves and each other? Is there anything that needs to move through you? How can this journey support that?

You are invited to join me for this overnight healing medicine ceremony.

The Fall Ceremony

The Fall Ceremony Oct 22 – 23, 2022

With all the changes on the planet, we have such a beautiful opportunity in this moment to deepen our resolve for fearless change, open to opportunity and co-create new ways of being and walking on planet earth….together.

What the Fall Retreat looks like:

  • This is an overnight retreat and goes from 3PM October 22 – 11AM October 23
  • When we gather, we will co-create sacred space for the evening and you will find a spot for yourself and settle in. As you journey, I will be with you, supporting you and at other times you’ll be in silence by yourself, with another guide, and sometimes another traveller. The encouragement is to go inward with some gentle interactions, sparkled by the laughter, cries and other emotions of your fellow travellers which I find catalyses the potency of the container and possibility for healing and transformation.
  • Around midnight, you will start to find your way back and in good time, we’ll provide a snack, come together for quiet sharing and then get you safely to bed!
  • Integration circle will begin at 9AM and then provide a light brunch to follow
  • By way of encouragement I just want to say: Bring it. Let it happen. You are in good hands. I’m there for you with unconditional positive esteem.
  • I’d encourage us to have at least one integration session in the week after to reflect on and integrate the experience into actionable practices for your life.

Please reach out with any questions about the style of this retreat as well as any details!

Deepen your awareness by doing personal experiments around this retreat’s theme.
~ Going within ~

Retreat is located in Fairview, NC 17 minutes from downtown Asheville

Reserve your spot now! Limited to 10 participants. Call or email for more information.

Cost – Sliding scale $250 – $550

With gratitude,